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Retirement Planning

Adequate retirement planning with foresight is one of the fundamental cornerstones to achieve financial health in retirement.

With state pensions no longer providing sufficient income in retirement, other pension provisions be it company sponsored pension schemes and / or personal pensions play a central role in future retirement planning.

However, what you need is a clear and disciplined forward thinking retirement strategy. Unfortunately, many have nothing of the sort in place, resulting in a situation where there is no longer a question of when to retire but when can one afford to.

The reason is simple. The major driver of future pension income is investment performance during the pre retirement savings period. Choosing the right long term investment strategy is of paramount importance. Furthermore, with increasing globalization and the resultant increase in job mobility many are faced with a whole host of international  “pension rights” they have accrued in different jurisdictions.

Even for EU based clients this presents a very complex set of circumstances as pension provisions are not harmonized within the EU and Brexit has further complicated the cross-border pension landscape.

Based on the importance and multi-facetted complexity of professional cross border pension planning it is absolutely essential to seek professional pension advice.

Contact us for a detailed analysis and assessment of your personal situation in order to assist you achieving your retirement goals.

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